Video: Palestinian doctor shot dead by Israeli occupation police in Jerusalem

Jerusalem /PNN/

A Palestinian medical doctor was announced dead on Friday evening shortly after he was shot and critically injured by Israeli occupation forces in the old city of Jerusalem, according to witnesses.

Israeli police officers reportedly opened gunfire at Dr. Hazem Joulani near Bab al-Majlis, one of the main gates of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, critically injuring him. The Israeli police also denied access of Palestinian civilians who attempted to provide him with first aid.

The Palestinian Detainees Affairs Commission said Joulani, who was rushed to Hadasah Medical Center for treatment, was announced dead of his wounds a couple of minutes later.


A video were taken in Bab al-Majlis in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem showed that an occupation police officer put his knee on the back of the Doctor Hazem al-Joulani, while he was taking his last breath while he was handcuffed.

In the video taken by the photojournalist, Ibrahim Al-Singlawi, appears Israeli policeman put his foot on the back of Al-Joulani, and when he tried latter to move his body before he dies, the Israeli policeman leaned with both hands on the adjacent wall, to increase the pressure on the doctor’s body moments after he was shot in the upper part While his body is bleeding.

According the video when Al-Joulani body was inhabited, the policeman returned and put his foot on his back, in an indication of the intention to kill him by leaving him to bleed until he died, especially since a number of the occupation police were close to the place and did not prevent it, while two of them exchanged greetings as if they were congratulating each other on the achievement which is the kill.

It does not require controlling a bleeding wounded person while he is handcuffed and placing the foot on him to stabilize him, as he is no longer able to stand the video showing.


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