Massive rallies across West Bank in condemnation of Israeli collective punishment against Palestinian prisoners


Massive rallies took place tonight across the occupied West Bank in support of Palestinian prisoners and in condemnation of the Israeli prisons’ administration repression and revenge attacks against them following the escape of six prisoners from Gilboa jail.

Fatah movement called earlier today for an urgent popular uprising in all Palestinian cities, villages, and camps, stressing that it will stand with the Palestinian people alongside the heroic prisoners, and will not leave them alone in this battle.

In Nablus area, Israeli forces attacked a rally that took place near Huwwara military checkpoint with tear gas canisters and stuns grenades, causing several demonstrators to suffocate.

Hundreds of Palestinians also took part in a mass rally in Ramallah denouncing the Israel Prison Services (IPS) collective punishment against all Palestinians incarcerated in Israel.

The secretary of Fatah Revolutionary Council Majid al-Fitiani stressed that the rally comes in support of Palestinian prisoners following the escape of six prisoners, and aims at sending a message to the world that the attacks targeting the Palestinian people must be put to an end.

Rallies, demonstrations, and clashes were reported throughout the West Bank. Reports said clashes took place in Hebron, Qalqilya, and Bethlehem.

Palestinian medics said several people were treated on the location for light injuries.

Fatah slams Israeli revenge attacks on Palestinian prisoners a war crime

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) slammed the Israeli raids and attacks against Palestinian detainees, especially in the Gilboa and Negev prisons, as a war crime that requires urgent international intervention, in order to protect and liberate prisoners.

Fatah called for an urgent popular uprising in all Palestinian cities, villages, and camps, stressing that it will stand with the Palestinian people alongside the heroic prisoners, and will not leave them alone in this battle.

Fatah called on human rights organizations and international human rights institutions to focus on this Israeli crime against Palestinian detainees and to ensure that Israeli war criminals who commit these crimes are prosecuted.

Detainees commission calls on the international community to prevent Israeli revenge acts against prisoners

For its part the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission today called on the international community and its institutions, particularly the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to take immediate actions to put an end to the Israeli Nazism practiced by the prisons administration and suppression units in the Negev desert prison against Palestinian prisoners.

The commission in a statement said that section 6 of the Negev prison was subjected to a heinous attack by special units armed with all kinds of weapons and police dogs, and supported by a large number of occupation soldiers who were urgently summoned from a nearby military base and were accompanied by ambulances.

The prisoners were handcuffed, shackled by the feet, and thrown out of the section, where they were severely beaten. The prisoners responded by setting fire to seven sections in Negev prison.

The commission denounced what it described as a shameful international silence, stating that: “This continued escalation means a real war inside prisons and detention centers, and harming the lives of our prisoners will not be met except by a real confrontation that rises to the level of events inside and outside prisons.”

“We will not accept turning our prisoners into prey to cover the defeat of the Israeli government and its military in the face of the heroism and determination of six prisoners who broke the security system of a maximum-security Israeli prison,” it said.

The commission indicated that these cell raids and punishments affected most prisons and detention centers, calling on the national and Islamic factions, all institutions involved in prisoners’ affairs, and the general public to promptly move to support Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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