Six Palestinian Prisoners Escape Israeli Prison Through Tunnel : Palestinians celebrate


The Palestinians in Jenin celebrated the success of escaping operation of six Palestinian prisoners from an Israeli prison, where they were imprisoned and sentenced to life.

In a statement made shortly after the event, the Islamic Jihad called the escape “heroic” and added that it will “shock the Israeli defense system.”

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum praised the fugitives saying “the escape proves the bravery of these prisoners, achieving freedom despite such strict security measures. It’s a heroic and impressive action.”

Barhoum was quoted by Shehab News Agency as saying that the escape is a “great victory that proves that the will and determination of the resistance fighters and mujadin cannot be defeated regardless of the challenges” and that the “Zionist enemy has never and will never win, no matter how much power it possesses. The struggle for freedom from the occupier continues.”

The six Palestinian prisoners escaped from Israeli Gilboa Prison in the West Bank overnight Sunday, according to the Israel Prisons Service and Israeli media reports.

Prison officials surmise that the six escaped via a tunnel leading outside the prison walls that they had managed to dig over the past few months.

It was discovered that the six prisoners had escaped at around 4 A.M. during a headcount.

The Shin Bet reported the inmates coordinated with collaborators outside the prison using a smuggled cellphone and had an escape car waiting for them. They were first noticed by local farmers who notified the

Three of six prisoners have previously been found to present a high flight risk. The prisoners include Palestinians who previously carried out attacks against Israel. Amongst the fugitives is Zakaria Zabidi, the former leader of Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, who is responsible for a 2002 attack at a Likud party branch.

Since the manhunt commenced, the IOF has set up roadblocks in the West Bank in an attempt to stop the prisoners from escaping into Jenin city in the West Bank or to Jordan, and police officers, Shin Bet personnel, and soldiers have been deployed in the search.

Helicopters of IOF participate in hunt after 6 terrorists who escaped

An investigation into the incident is underway, said the Prisons Service. An official from the Israel Prison Service described the breach as “a major security and intelligence failure.”

About 400 Gilboa prisoners to be transferred to other prisons

Fear of additional tunnels: About 400 Gilboa prison inmates will be transferred to all prisons in the country in the coming hours, with an emphasis on prisons in the south, Galei Tzahal reported.

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