Gaza boy, shot and seriously wounded by Israeli occupation soldiers, dies of wounds


A 13-year-old Gaza boy who was shot and seriously wounded by Israeli soldiers last week has died this morning of his wounds, according to medical sources.

Omar Hasan Abu al-Niel, from Tuffah neighborhood east of Gaza City, has died of wounds sustained last Saturday when he was shot during a rally held near the northeastern Gaza borders with Israel.

Abu Niel is the second Palestinian to die of wounds sustained during the same activity held marking the anniversary of the burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

“ His T-shirt will remain with me.” With these words, the mother of  Omar expressed her great sadness at the separation of her son, and the mother clung to his clothes and became A vivid memory for eternity.

With tears of pain and grief over the death of her 13-year-old son, who was shot in the neck last week, the mother clings to the martyr’s new clothes – the school uniform – and keeps it inside a special bag so she can remember the son with whenever she yearned for him as if he were alive, and this is the case of many mothers of martyrs in Gaza.

The mother added:” “It’s a shirt that it will not be washed, and Omar’s bag will also remain with me for the last day of my life,” says the martyr’s mother.

large crowds of Palestinians in Gaza City mourned the body of  Omar Hassan Abu al-Nil (13 years), to his final resting place.

The funeral took place in front of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, west of Gaza City, and arrived at his family’s home in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of the city.

His family and loved ones paid their last farewell to his body before mourners performed the funeral prayer for him in the Al-Alami Mosque in the neighborhood, and he was buried in the Martyrs Cemetery, northeast of Gaza City.

Osama Khaled Deij, 32, from Jabaliya refugee camp near Gaza City, has also died of wounds days after he was shot by Israeli soldiers stationed at the borders with Gaza.

The participants in the funeral raised the Palestinian flag, and chanted angrily, and denouncing the ongoing crimes of the Israeli occupation against Palestinian people in all cities.

A total of 41 people, mainly children, were injured on that day when Israeli soldiers opened fire at the participants in the rally.

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