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Tayseer Khaled: Shaked affirms that an Israeli partner does not exist


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the Minister of Interior in Israel, Ayalet Shaked, had cut doubts with certainty and confirmed the futility of searching for an Israeli partner, with whom to engage in dialogue, just a dialogue to find a political settlement of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict on the basis of the relevant international legitimacy resolutions, or even without.

This came in the background of statements made by Ayalit Shaked, in an interview with the Hebrew radio “Reshet Bet” on Sunday, in which she confirmed that there will be no Palestinian state during the term of the current government led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and threatened to topple the government if it decided Alternative Prime Minister Yair Lapid, pushing for Negotiations with the Palestinians

He added that Shaked is not only a passing or exceptional phenomenon in Israel or an extreme right, as much as its positions reflect the tendencies of broad political circles participating in the Israeli government, headed by its party leader (Yamina) Naftali Bennett, and the tendencies of a wide audience in Israel, which Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli prime minister played a role It is pivotal in falsifying his awareness, sometimes with demagogy, political maneuvers, lies and promoting myths about an alleged history in this country, and at other times with racist legislation and laws such as the national law that restricts the right of self-determination in this country to only Jews and not others.

In light of this fact , Tayseer Khaled called for the purification of the internal atmosphere by respecting public freedoms, democracy, freedom of opinion and expression, demonstration and citizen’s rights, stopping absurd arrests, releasing all detainees on political grounds, leaving illusions, and return to decisions of national consensus and restore consideration to Palestine Liberation Organization, as it has political mandate in everything related to the national political issue, especially the Executive Committee and abandoning illusions that lowering the ceiling of positions and demands could constitute point for confidence-building measures with an Israeli government in which the moderates declare that a political settlement with the Palestinian side is not on its agenda and that the so-called two-state solution is no longer Existing, while others, especially prime minister , Naftali Bennett, declare that the establishment of a Palestinian state constitutes in itself an existential threat to the State of Israel.

At the same time, Khaled stressed the urgent need for a Palestinian national road map on the basis of which the legitimacy of the PLO and the Palestinian National Authority would be renewed through elections and preparations to expand the engagement with the occupation forces and the settlers’ flocks and to advance the boycott movement with a unified national leadership, leading to comprehensive national disobedience that would push the international community to assume its responsibilities to break the stalemate and turn around in a fictitious political process that gives more time to the occupying power to implement its aggressive, expansionist, anti-peace plans

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