Hebron governorate suffers from water shortage following interruptions in supply from Israeli company – PWA


The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) today said the Hebron Governorate in the south of the occupied West Bank is suffering from water shortage due to interruption in supply from the Israeli water company, Mekorot that led to heavy loss of water that exceeded 40,000 cubic meters.

The PWA said in a statement that despite the fact that its teams met last week with the Israeli company to discuss the repeated interruptions in the water supply to the Hebron governorate, which promised to resolve this issue, the interruption in water supply has nevertheless continued and intensified today.

It said that Mekerot’s frequent interruptions cause significant confusion in the wholesale distribution of water, as well as to local authorities providing households with their water needs.

It warned that the continued cutting of water to the lines supplying the Palestinian communities lead to people not having even drinking water, particularly in this very hot weather condition.

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