Two Palestinians say they were severely beaten by Israeli soldiers during detention


Two Palestinians told the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission that they were severely beaten by Israeli soldiers during their detention at Etzion settlement detention camp in the south of the occupied West Bank.

Israr Marouf, 21, from Ein Qinya village near Ramallah, said he was detained on August 10 following an after-midnight army raid on his family home. Soldiers attacked him, kicking him all over his body and hitting him with their rifle butt causing him injuries and bruises, as well as a nose bleed.

The Commission said Marouf has severe pain in the knee and back, and he is diabetic.

The other detainee, Mutaz Faisal Assaf, 27, from Qalandia refugee camp, near Jerusalem, was detained on August 12 also in an after-midnight raid. He was thrown on his face on the ground when he was detained and then severely beaten, kicked around, hit with the rifles, and dragged on the ground causing him bruises and severe pain on the left side of his stomach.

Beating and torture of Palestinian detainees in Israel are routine and documented by several Israeli, international, and Palestinian human rights organizations.

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