Videos : Palestine Heritage Trail produced 2 TV Spots promoting Palestinian tourism & cultural identity

Bethlehem /PNN/

As part of efforts to promote and develop community tourism in marginalized areas, Palestine Heritage Trail produced two television spots in cooperation with their French partners Afrat & Tetraktys organization, funded by the French Development Agency AFD, Palestine News Network PNN was the executive producer.

Palestinian heritage trial is the first trial that explores the Palestinian heritage, identity, and its diverse and beautiful nature.

Director of Palestinian Heritage Trial George Rishmawi said in the two TV spots that the Palestinian Heritage trial is not just a walking trail to show the geographical connection of Palestinian land. It is a trial with developing, educational, economical, touristic, and social dimensions.

Rishmawi added that the trial is a touristic and a national trial that has two main purposes, First, delivering the Palestinian message through the deeply rooted Palestinian heritage and history of thousands of years for the local visitors to be introduced to our heritage, identity and culture.
and to the foreign tourist, to introduce them to the Palestinian people who have inherited many cultures and heritage for thousands of years till today.

The second dimension of the trial according to Rishmawi is to create job opportunities especially in the rural areas that do not have much tourism other than Bethlehem, Jericho, and Jerusalem.


Now tourism has reached different areas of the West Bank and this reflects positively on creating job opportunities for many tour guides, service providers, and guesthouses. There are 80 guesthouses and 50 local tour guides. And this has a positive reflection on the income of those families and individuals through this experience and through expanding the trial.

He added that the trial stretches to a distance of 500 kilometers starting from Rummnah village in Jenin. going to Bait Marsam village in Hebron, returning to Bethlehem with a sub-route that stretches from sea level to Al-Azrya village, passing through the old city in the west of Jerusalem, leading to the villages in the northwest of Jerusalem.

Osama Homran Public relations manager of  Arraba municipality in Jenin that Palestinian heritage trial for them means maintaining the heritage of Arraba, promoting it, and promoting tourism to it, it also helps in economic development, especially among the youth and women.

Palestinian heritage trial is considered more than just walking for long distances, It allows for meeting the locals in each place and creating connections between them and the hikers who participate in the trial from all around the world.

For his part, Milad William the Director of Roy’a organization for Culture and Arts in Jerusalem said” Our experience with Palestinian heritage trial has been a great and rich experience”.

“Personally, it makes me more attached and connected as a form of resistance on one level, and on the other level, it gives me knowledge about my country and its heritage, religious and touristic sites, “Milad said.

Recently, the Jerusalem route was added which stretches from Al-Azrya to Bait Tuqu village in the northwest of Jerusalem, passing through Al-Toor and the old city in Jerusalem, which has many Palestinian religious and historical sites and symbols.

Jamel Hamaden a resident of the Dead Sea bedouins area said: “We are in areas “C” and we are in need of something national, a national identity like the Palestinian heritage trial where through it we can show the social and cultural diversity and the lives we live.

Mes’da Mu’te CEO of  Al-Ata’ Women organization in Kufr Malek village northeast of Ramallah city described their partnership with the Palestinian heritage trial as a very beneficial one.

In Al-Ata’ women organization we are very happy with our partnership with the Palestinian heritage trial because first of all, it revives our heritage,  Mes’da Mu’te said.

She added:” We benefited from it. First, we have experienced cultural exchange, as we learn about cultures from foreigners or Arabs. There are continuous special activities and actions”.

Ever since this trial has been developed, it has opened the door for economic development and job opportunities for women and the youth in the rural areas, it passes through.

Zaed Azhari a community tourism guide said: “Palestinians heritage trial to me means a new experience; it is a revival of the historical and cultural heritage and a strengthening of the Palestinian identity on this land”.

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