Interview: China’s development led by CPC awe-inspiring for other countries, says Palestinian party leader

BEIJING, July 7 (Xinhua) — China’s development model serves as an inspiring example for other countries in exploring an effective path of development, said General Secretary of the Palestinian People’s Party Bassam Salhi, in a recent interview with Xinhua via video link.

Noting the Communist Party of China (CPC) has led the Chinese people to achieve remarkable development, Salhi, who has visited China several times, is deeply impressed by the fast growth of Chinese cities represented by Shenzhen, whose success is seen as a microcosm of China’s reform and opening-up.

“Every time we visited China, we saw something new — new buildings, new streets, and new manifestations of rejuvenation,” he said.

The CPC pays special attention to a comprehensive planning for the future, and considers the actual needs of both developed and underdeveloped regions, Salhi said, expressing his admiration for the CPC’s capacity for forethought and the party members’ commitment to their missions.

Under the leadership of the CPC, China — which has kept pace with the changing times and blazed a development path with its own characteristics — has proven itself with its tremendous socio-economic progress over the past decades, he said.

Salhi’s knowledge of China and the CPC is built on his visits to and long-term study on the country. “Marxism (in China) is not something static, but something that evolves with reality and is linked to circumstances,” he said.

Viewing the book “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China” as a window on observing and understanding China, Salhi said the book is very important and useful inside and outside China, because it explains the philosophy of the CPC’s governance, both from the perspectives of history and in terms of looking into the future.

The elaborations in the book, including those about the CPC’s people-oriented philosophy and the Belt and Road Initiative, profoundly impressed Salhi, who believes that the China-proposed initiative will bring more development opportunities to China’s neighbors and countries along the routes.

Having led the Chinese people to score great achievements, the CPC is enhancing its contributions to the world as the party, in parallel with its dedication to the Chinese people’s well-being, is also bringing benefits to people around the world and promoting a community with a shared future for mankind, Salhi said.

Having successfully addressed the challenges posed by COVID-19, China set “a very vital example of how to deal with crises with courage, boldness and creativity,” Salhi added.

(Video reporters: Xia Yanyi, Liu Chunhui and Lin Yan; Video editors: Zhang Yucheng)

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