PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled. Source:

Tayseer Khaled: Popular resistance will continue until the dismantling of the outpost Avitar


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, confirmed that the malicious maneuvers carried out by the occupation army and its Civil Administration regarding the outpost, set up by the Settlement Association on Jabal Sabih, do not concern the Palestinian citizen in Beita and the neighboring villages and that the popular resistance In all its forms will continue until this outpost is dismantled, with its buildings, facilities, and services, and the settlers leave the area permanently

He pointed out, the occupying state claims that it has reached a settlement with the settlers in the outpost on Jabal Sobeeh, based on leaving the area, while the outpost’s homes and infrastructure, including water, electricity, and services, will stay to serve a religious school for the occupation military, which means in practice that what has been reached is not A settlement, but complete acceptance of the settlers’ demands, as there is no difference whether the residents of the outpost are civilians or soldiers, the important thing is that they are Jews, as Yossi Dagan, head of the settlements council in the West Bank pointed.

He added that settlers have established 135 outposts in the West Bank, excluding Jerusalem, compared to 158 recognized settlements, and that many of these outposts were established, according to the occupation army and its Civil Administration, in contravention of law, and a large number of which issued demolition and eviction orders, but the state does not implement the orders because the Civil Administration works ” according to priorities “. and evacuating outposts is a sensitive issue that the Civil Administration and the political echelon prefers not to discuss, especially in the Israeli government headed by Naftali Bennett, who worked for years as one of the leaders of the settlements council in the West Bank.

Khaled warned of the dangers of what is happening on the ground, where settlers and settlement associations are racing to establish new outposts, as is the case in Al-Daristia in Salfit governorate, Deir Qadis in Ramallah governorate, Beit Dajan in Nablus governorate, and in many others. The sites, and that with the passage of time, and in cooperation between the army, its Civil Administration and the settlement councils, the Israeli legitimacy is granted to the outposts, and this has been taking place since the approval of the Settlement Law to legitimize the outposts in the Knesset, where 21 outposts were legalized, 18 of which were treated as neighborhoods in the existing settlements, which means that the movement of resistance to settlements and settlement activities must draw lessons from the BETA model in addressing the plan for the further expansion of the construction of outposts, whose functions intersect with the new bypass roads to build bridges of communication between the settlements with the Israeli interior without passing through the Palestinian population centers.

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