ICHR announces the formation of a legal team to follow up all the cases of attacks on journalists while carrying out their professional duty


Dr. Ammar Dweik, Director-General of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, announced an agreement with the Journalists Syndicate, Al-Haq Foundation, and Al-Quds Center for Legal Aid.

The agreement is on forming a legal team and to contact the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to crystallize a joint position on the grave developments that we witnessed in the last two days.

This joint position will be to follow up on all the cases of attacks that journalists suffered while doing their work in covering the peaceful demonstrations that took place in Ramallah to protest the killing of the political activist Nizar Banat.

This came after having testimonies of a group of journalists who suffered attacks while carrying out their professional duty in covering the demonstrations.

Commenting on the testimonies and affidavits of journalists, Dweik said that “through live testimonies and direct documentation by ICHR’s fieldwork and that of our partners in the Syndicate of Journalists and human rights institutions, we see notice deliberate targeting of journalists, especially women, with beatings or snatching cameras and other communication devices used in filming. He added that the lack of intervention by the security apparatus to protect journalists, despite being requested to do so, has hindered journalists from performing their role in the field.

Al-Dweik called for the need to provide protection for journalists as they carry out their professional duties, especially for women, and called to hold accountable those who attacked the journalists during the past two days.

He also called to return the confiscated communication devices. Al-Dweik concluded that a committee of lawyers and legal consultants from the Independent Commission, the Journalists Syndicate, Al-Haq Foundation, and the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid has been formed to legally follow up on all statements and complaints with the competent authorities.

The legal team welcomes institutions wishing to join the team.

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