Thousands rally in Washington in support of Palestine


Thousands of people rallied Saturday evening in the US capital, Washington, in support of the Palestinian people, calling for an end to US aid to Israel.

The participants, who carried Palestinian flags and placards, rallied in front of the Lincoln Memorial for a while before marching to a plaza outside the White House.

They also chanted slogans supporting the Palestinians and condemning Israel’s ongoing violations and crimes against them.

“We are hoping to send a clear message to the United States government that the days of supporting the Israeli state without repercussions are over,” one of the demonstrators, 39-year-old Washington lawyer Sharif Silmi, said as he stood in the crowd.

“We will stand against any politician that continues to fund weapons to Israel. We will oppose them, we will vote against them, we will fund their opponents until we vote them out of office,” Silmi added.

The US systematically sends billions of dollars in military aid to Israel despite its daily involvement in aggressive, racist, and ethnic cleansing practices against the Palestinians.

Israel’s recent deadly aggression against Gaza and its violations against the Palestinians in east Jerusalem has prompted many members of the Congress in Washington to revisit the question of whether the US funding commitments towards Israel are justified.

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