Nana and the nymph :The story of the Palestinian child who saved the fish from the bombing

Gaza/PNN/ Arab Jerusalem _ Hajar Harb – Helmi Shurrab

Eight-year-old Palestinian girl Nana Al-Akkad appeared during the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, through a number of pages of social media activists in the Palestinian territories, carrying a small jar with a “nymph”, the fish she cared for prior to the aggression with another group of ornamental fish, but with the Israeli military attack the fish died, and only a nymph remained.

Palestinian photographer Bilal Khaled took pictures of Nana with her cousin Mahmoud al-Akkad( 9) and their photos spread through the media, and they appeared despite the destruction and shelling that surrounded them from each side as if they had found something precious, which they feared to lose as a result of the heavy shelling that hit the area.

“We saved the fish, and we will save the birds,” they said, feeling triumphant and happy to save the fish’s life.

“My friends were afraid for them a lot, I was afraid not to find them, I went after the first bombing of the house to check on them and the birds, I couldn’t find food for birds and the shops were all closed, I asked the neighbors, but thank God the fish was alive, I took it and got out of the house quickly because I was scared,” Nana said in a telephone interview with Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper.

“It was not in our calculations to leave our house, despite the great destruction and repeated shelling of areas in the Gaza Strip, but the night before the bombing was the last night of Ramadan, we noticed that the occupation was targeting residential buildings as well as banks,” nana’s mother, Um Mohammed al-Akkad, said.

“We live next to the production bank in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis (one of the banks targeted by Israel), only four meters away. “in the morning of Eid, as we prepared to receive him despite the pain of the residents of the Gaza Strip, we heard voices calling on us from the neighbors to ask us to leave because the occupation would bomb the bank.”

Nana added that she was preparing eid clothes, put her on the bed, went to greet her nymph (fish), and then came to wear her clothes and soon the bombing was faster than preparing herself, where the bank was bombed, and demolished some of the walls of our houses, we rushed to the street looking at our house and the houses next door with great sorrow and pain.”

The great love endured by the Palestinian child, who used to take care of birds and ornamental fish, pushed her after nearly two hours of waiting on the street to go home speeding to find her fairy alive.

She was running in a hurry with the hope that she would find the fish, while at the same time wrapped in fear that the house could be targeted again, prompting her mother to prevent her from coming forward more fearing for her life.

After a lot of urgencies, she went home with her mother, and as an adventure, she decided to take the experiment to save the fish’s life, as they arrived at home and all that mattered to the child was to survive with her fish.

She entered her room where she was wearing Eid clothes, and next to her was the fish, but her clothes were filled with bombing dust, while she carried a mermaid jar in her arms and returned speeding looking for safety for her and her young girl.

The story, which was circulated as one of the most beautiful stories representing the challenge and love of life, received great sympathy from Palestinians and supporters of the Palestinian cause, which prompted digital cartoonist Zeina Abdel Hakim to redraw the scene in a way that mimics reality, and seems more attractive in terms of choosing colors, to carry the message that “the children of Palestine who were the target of the occupation during its aggression against Gaza, are children seeking love and life in the midst of this destruction.”

The drawing, published by Zeina Abdel Hakim on her Instagram page, was widely circulated on the media, where she posted and commented on it by saying “Under the sky shimmering with stars, everything just shuts up whispering stars, whispering that heart, beats compose the melody of pain and victory, linking whispers tangle between the beards and noise amid the stillness, darkness carries a lot and tells the loss”, in a message carrying the meanings of love and peace, and tells many stories of pain living under the cover of darkness that hangs over Gaza as a result of the continuation of the war.

“This blog was followed by the use of hashtags that a Palestinian agreed to use to defend all Palestinian causes during the repeated aggression against Gaza and the previous attacks on worshippers in al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.” Save the neighborhood of Sheikh, Gaza, under bombardment, Gaza resists, trying to draw attention to Nana’s story and the nymph.

Others have prepared representative clips that tell the story of Nana and the Nymph, in a way that shows the brutality of the occupation on the Palestinians and how they deliberately demolish everything that is beautiful to them, as these videos were very popular with followers, and tried to attach them to different translations to reach as many supporters of the Palestinian cause as possible around the world.

Some have called for the publication of a book containing a number of stories similar to the story mentioned that confirm the love and attachment of Palestinians to life and their desire to live safely without fear.

Source: Arab Jerusalem _ Hajar Harb – Helmi Shurrab

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