Tayseer Khaled : The Confidence in US administration is still below zero


Tayseer Khaled, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for not relying on a constructive role that the American administration could play to advance the efforts for a political settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of international law and relevant international legitimacy decisions, especially since the statements issued by the White House and the US State Department are still ruminating the well-known necessity about the so-called two-state solution without showing even a slight amount of willingness to exert pressure on the occupying state to stop unconditionally from practices that undermine such a solution and make it merely a means of deception, wasting time and managing the crisis. instead of working to solve it.

This came in the context of a reply to the statements and positions issued by a number of Palestinian officials, who are trying again to spread the illusion that the last Isr. aggression on the Gaza Strip, with its aftermath, which has emerged so far, opens the way for a new political path, led by the American administration or in which it plays a pivotal role, leads to a comprehensive and balanced political settlement, just as it was after the Great Intifada in 1987, and its great achievements of which fell victim to the delusions of a political settlement whose requirements for achieving it had not yet matured.

He added that the wager, first and foremost, must be based on work to amend the balance of power on the ground, develop tools for the struggle against the occupation, and elevate the spontaneous mass uprising to an organized one that is framed and led by a unified central national leadership and regional, field national leaders, especially in the countryside in the West Bank, and the development of elements of self-power , which was embodied by the legendary steadfastness of the citizens and embodied by the valiant resistance, which confronted the occupation army valiantly and deservedly over eleven days of the aggression, which targeted civilians, especially children, women and the elderly, and affected the towers, residential buildings, roads, electricity, water and sewage networks and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, besides the great meanings of the massive public uprising against occupation, its military machine, and its security and police apparatus, which spread over the cities, villages and camps of the West Bank in more than two hundred battlefields, and pervaded the cities, towns and villages in 1948 itself , refugee camps, and diaspora communities, who expressed the unity of the rights and interests of the Palestinian people in a way that exceeded all expectations not only in Israel, but in the whole world.

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