Israel continues to target civilians in Gaza Kiling 26 this morning


The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the death toll from the bombing of the number of buildings and homes in Al-Wahda Street in Al-Rimal neighborhood in central Gaza City at dawn today has increased to 26 martyrs and 50 civilians were wounded, most of them children and women.

Twenty-six more dead bodies for innocent Palestinian civilians were pulled out from the rubble of the homes levelled to the ground last night by Israeli warplanes in the neighborhood of Al-Rimal in Gaza City, raising the death toll of the latest wave of airstrikes on the neighborhood to 26.

The number could rise as civil defense teams are searching for any more people who might be trapped under the rubble. Over 50 other civilians have also been injured in the Israeli airstrikes on the neighborhood, located on the west side of Gaza City.

The latest figures bring up the number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza last week to 177, including 27 children and 29 women, and the wounded to 1200.

Yesterday An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of some international and local media offices as well s residential apartments as the escalation continues in the occupied territories.

The strike came hours after Israeli jets targeted the al-Shati refugee camp in Western Gaza, killing 10 Palestinians, all of them women and children. Hamas said the attack is indicative of the Israeli regime’s helplessness in the face of Palestinians’ resilience.

Israel has ramped up its military aggression to include artillery and tank fire. The escalation has fed fears of a return to a long-term war between the Israeli regime and Palestinian groups. Israeli warplanes struck multiple targets in Gaza overnight while Palestinian resistance in response, fired rockets into occupied lands by Israel.

Observers here say that the main victims of these inhuman attacks against the Gaza Strip are civilians. Palestinians call on the international community to hold Israel accountable for this violation of international law.

Names of the martyrs this morning

1. Abdul Hamid Fawaz Al-Kulak, 22 years old

2. Amin Muhammad al-Kulk, 85 years old

3. Muhammad Awni Al-Kulk, 17 years old

4. Ayat Ibrahim Al-Kulk, 19 years old

5. Ahmed Shukri Al-Kulk, 17 years old

6. Reham Fawaz Al-Kulk, 30 years old

7. Fawaz Shukri Al-Kulk, 55 years old

8. Rawan Alaa Abu Al-Awf, 19 years old

9. Dima Rami Al-Franji, 16 years old

10. Mu’in Ahmad Al-Aloul, 66 years old

11. Luay Muhammad Oudeh, 54 years old

12. Hazem Adel Al-Qama, 48 years old

13. The doctor in the internal medicine department, Ayman Abu Al-Auf, 50 years old

14 Amal Jamil Al-Kulk, 34 years old

15 Sameh Fawaz Al-Kulk, 28 years old

16 Saadia Yousef Al-Kulk (28 years old)

17. Izzat Moeen Al-Kulk, 44 years old

18- Child Adam Izzat Al-Kulk, 3 years old

19- The infant Qusay Sameh Al-Kulk is one year old

20- The child Adam Izzat Al-Kulk, 3 years old

21. Child Zaid Izzat Al-Kulk, 8 years old

22 Taher Shukri Al-Kulk, 23 years old

23. The child Zain Riad Ashkantna is 8 years old

24. Child Yahya Riad Ashkantna 5 years

25. Dana Riad Ashkantna, a 9-year-old girl

26. Abeer Nimr made us 30 years old


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