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Tayseer Khaled: An open letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, sent an open letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in which

He said: Mr. Minister: “From time to time the US State Department emphasizes that the American administration still sees the so-called two-state solution, a logical and acceptable solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict, which preserves Israel as a Jewish and democratic state at the same time, which means that the Palestinians’ right to a state (of course that is demilitarized and act as a secondary agent of the Israeli army and its security apparatus) to provide protection to the State of Israel and prevent it from turning into a state that extends from the river to the sea and is governed by laws and policies such as that existed in South Africa during the era of the defunct apartheid regime.

Not infrequently, we hear statements from the same ministry that it calls on the State of Israel to refrain from taking any unilateral action that affects the final solution with the Palestinians, and at the same time expresses with great modesty its concern about escalation practiced by settlers against Palestinian citizens in the city of Jerusalem at checkpoint and crossroads, without referring, even from afar, to the brutal repression practiced by the Israeli police and the security services of Israel and its military forces in the city of Jerusalem and in various areas of the occupied West Bank.

He added: The Palestinian citizen asks why the American administration is content with issuing the statement only and is silent on the practices of the State of Israel in all its legislative, judicial, and executive institutions starting with the policy of racial discrimination, silent ethnic cleansing and displacement in the neighborhoods of the occupied East Jerusalem, as is the case in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and other neighborhoods of the city.

Such as Batn al-Hawa and al-Bustan neighborhood in the town of Silwan, through the legislation of the settlement outposts, which former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon encouraged, and over time turned into safe havens for Jewish terror organizations such as the hilltop youth, paid the price and lahava, ended by waves of construction in settlements, including those established by Israel deep in the West Bank accompanied by the construction of new bypass roads to connect all settlements and outposts inside Israel without the need to pass through Palestinian residential areas, which means the insistence of the State of Israel to implement the annexation plan, which was drawn by deal of Century officially announced at a press conference between former US President Donald Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister in January of last year in the White House.

Tayseer Khaled concluded his open letter: We realize that the United States of America has priorities, which do not include the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or even the basic rights of the Palestinian people.

This is what we confirmed from the US State Department’s reaction to the recent report of the American human rights organization “Human Rights Watch,” in which it warned of the dire consequences of Israel’s practice of the apartheid regime and oppression against the Palestinian people. But the Palestinian people are waiting for clarification, just an explanation of the enormous contradiction between words and actions in the policy of an administration that claims, that among its tasks is to correct the blind policy of a late American semi-fascist administration.

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