Ancestors of Palestinian Liberation: An Interactive Resource for Educators and Organizers

Cambridge, Massachusetts/PNN/

With Nakba day quickly approaching, Palestine Advocacy Project has collaborated with Anemoia Projects to present Ancestors of Palestinian Liberation: a multi-faceted, visual, biographical, and educational tool to incorporate Palestinian histories and realities into our everyday spaces.

“This project came from a desire to bring attention to some of the incredible contributions of Palestinian culture, creativity, and resiliency in our world, while also understanding the history of colonization and occupation,” says project creator Zelda Edmunds.

Through a collection of artistically rendered portraits and short biographies, Ancestors of Palestinian Liberation sheds light on some of the brilliant and courageous ways that Palestinians have reckoned with life, self, and collective identity in the aftermath of the Nakba — the forced expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and land in a calculated campaign advanced by Zionist militias to establish the State of Israel, thereby creating what is now a global population of more than 5.6 million Palestinian refugees.

From the indomitable poetess Fadwa Tuqan to the fearless medic Razan Al-Najjar, Ancestors of Palestinian Liberation marks seven decades since the Nakba by telling the stories of seven Palestinians whose lives and work helped to build a steadfast foundation for the ongoing struggle for Palestinian liberation.

This project offers a unique opportunity to share these powerful histories within our communities through an interactive online portal containing not only printable portraits and biographies, but also accompanying tools such as a key terms index and PowerPoint presentation for use by educators, organizers, and others.

“Working on this project allowed me to feel closer to the words and creativity of these Palestinian leaders,” Edmunds tells us. “My hope is that everyone who engages with this project will feel touched or inspired by these ancestors’ living work in the world.”

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