Land Day: overview of struggles and violations imposed upon Palestinian farmers, fisherpersons, and herders.

Prior to the war of 1948, Palestinians owned approximately 78% of the total area of historical Palestine, the remaining were state land “as classified by British mandate at that time .

Today, in 2021, Israelis constitute 52% of the total population in historical Palestine but utilizes over 85% of the total land, while Palestinians comprised 48% of the population and utilize 15% of the land (PCBs, press release, 2019) this drastic change of percentages indicates actions of land theft in Palestinian lands by the “Israeli” occupation. Between the years 1967 and 2017, 200 settlements have been established, 131 of which are officially announced as towns, along with 11 neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and 16 other settlements in Gaza.

Settlements in the West Bank have over 620,000 residents, 413,400 of which happen to be in the illegal settlements of the West Bank. These settlements stretch on over 538,127 dunums and makeup to 10% of the West Bank. Another 1,650,376 dunums of the West Bank are under “Israeli” leverage, thus the settlements are controlling 40% of the West Bank. , the total of theft of land -classified as high or medium agricultural value- in the West Bank is 2,072 thousand dunums, constituting about 37% of the West Bank.

The Palestinians use only 931.5 thousand dunums which constitute about 17% of the West Bank area. (PCBS, press release, 2019) “Israel” has been pursuing an annexation plan -which started in 1967. Annexed areas that include 106,000 Palestinians who fall under the rule of the “Israeli” occupation in area C and Jordan Valley which is one of “Israel’s” main target in its annexation plan, it makes up to 50% of the agricultural areas in and “Israel” has already seized 88% of the valley, preventing Palestinians from any benefits or use of these lands.

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