Tayseer Khaled : Nothing for Palestinians on the Agenda of Antony Blinken


Tayseer Khaled, PLO Executive Committee Member, and Member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s speech , Wednesday, March 3, 2021 in which he unveiled the top priorities of his Administration foreign policy over the upcoming 4 years, didn’t even mention a word with regard to the suffering the Palestinian people face under occupation, nor anything about the Palestinian – Israeli conflict, and its impact on security and stability in the region, which confirms that the new American Administration pays no attention to review the destructive policy of the former Trump’s Administration.

Khaled added, while speaking on the American’s return to the international arena and revealing the features and priorities of his foreign policy, the Secretary of State Blinken merely indicated to the challenges facing the American foreign policy i.e. the People's Republic of China the only State that could pose a challenge to the United States, the dictatorial countries, the climate crisis, which needs international cooperation, and the crises that cause migration, and finally the Washington's adherence to settle disputes around the world as it has the most sophisticated army in the world, but couldn’t help ending the suffering of the Palestinian people.

He totally ignored their legitimate rights to have a viable State, while the Israeli Occupation State continues to annex
vast areas of the Palestinian Territory in an attempt to undermine the so-called two-state solution. Moreover, Blinken claimed that this is the best way to keep Israel as a Jewish and democratic State. Adding, that the new Administration would not impede the Israeli annexation plans.

Accordingly, Khaled called on the Palestinian leadership to return to the Palestinian bodies and organizations on top of which the Executive Committee, and to respect its role and position being the main executive body in charge of carrying out the resolutions of the last session of the Palestinian National Council, the successive resolutions of the Central Council, and the leadership meeting on May 19 th , 2020 in order to impose a new approach to deal with the new Administration, calling it to review the aggressive and hostile policy of the former Trump’s Administration against the Palestinians, to lift the cover from the Israeli aggressive expansionist settlement policy, to put forward a new approach in managing the conflict with the Israeli occupation, and to make a change in the balance of power on the ground that pushes the new Administration to respects the international law, and the international legitimacy being bases for any political settlement of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. More time shall not be wasted in searching for solutions that manage the crisis rather than solving it.

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