Report: Netanyahu asked Biden to keep Trump’s sanctions against ICC

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked US President Joe Biden not to lift the sanctions imposed by his predecessor Donald Trump on officials of the International Criminal Court, according to an Israeli report.

The report, by the Hebrew “Walla” website, quoted Israeli officials as saying that the lifting of US sanctions against senior officials of the International Criminal Court, including the outgoing Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, would harm Israel’s efforts to prevent an investigation into war crimes it committed. In the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The officials believe that Bensouda will consider such a step by the new US administration as Washington’s approval to open an investigation into the crimes of “Israel.”

The report stressed Israeli concerns about an investigation that might lead to the issuance of arrest warrants against Israeli officers and senior officials, and give an impetus to the activities of the BDS movement.

During the past period, Israel approached dozens of countries around the world, requesting that a “secret letter” be sent to Prosecutor Bensouda discouraging her from opening an investigation into Israeli war crimes.

Last September, former US President Trump issued an executive order to impose sanctions on officials of the International Criminal Court, for investigating “potential war crimes” committed in Afghanistan, without obtaining Washington’s approval.

The Hebrew website stated that this issue was also raised in talks between senior Israeli and American officials, after the decision of the International Tribunal to apply its laws on the Palestinian territories.

Israeli officials indicated to their American counterparts that even if the Biden administration did not like the sanctions imposed by Trump on the Hague Court, the new administration could use them as a leverage to dissuade the outgoing prosecutor and the new Attorney General Karim Khan, who will replace her next June, from opening an investigation against the elements. American officials about the war in Afghanistan or against Israeli officials.

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