Israeli bulldozers raze lands in Abu Dis in favor of “Kedar” settlement

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces swept areas of Palestinian land in Abu Dis, southeast of occupied Jerusalem.

Head of the Committee for the Defense of Abu Dis lands, Bassam Bahr, said that the occupation forces carried out razing operations in the eastern region of the town, near the “Kedar” settlement, belonging to residents of Abu Dis.

He added that the lands of the area are estimated at 1500 dunams, and the occupation prevents its owners from working in it or reclaiming it, and it is located within the settlement scheme east of Jerusalem known as (E 1), noting that Netanyahu had been given during the past week the green light to start implementing the most dangerous settlement project in this area. Which has already met widespread international objections because its implementation would separate the northern West Bank from its south.

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