IOF demolishing tents in Khirbet Humsa in the Jordan Valley

PNN/ Jordan Valley/

Today, Monday, a large force of the occupation army stormed Khirbet Humsa al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley and imposed a siege on it, as declared by a closed military zone.

The human rights activist in the northern Jordan Valley, Aref Daraghmeh, stated that the occupation bulldozers demolished the residents’ homes in Khirbet Humsa for the seventh time in a row, after imposing a siege on them and closing the roads and outlets leading to them.

Daraghmeh pointed out that yesterday the occupation forces carried out filming operations of the tents that were recently established with the support of international institutions, to house the residents after demolishing their tents several times.

Khirbet Humsa al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley is one of the important areas that the occupation seeks to impose its control on, which caused its people to suffer long, especially after they faced eleven evacuations during the last four years under the pretext of the occupation military exercises.

The people of area are subjected to daily harassment, including the confiscation of their agricultural tractors, the confiscation of their livestock, and the placing of obstacles in the way of transporting water in tanks to their homes, but despite all this, the people of Homs confirm that they remain on their land and will not leave it.

The occupation seeks through repeated demolitions to forcibly displace the population from the area completely, in favor of building settlements and military camps, in addition to military exercises there.

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