CWRC: E1 plan taking a dangerous turn in isolating Jerusalem and its surrounding

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The Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission (CWRC) said that the E1 settlement plan began to take a dangerous turn in isolating the city of Jerusalem and its environs, by closing its outer envelope and completely blocking it, and the displacement of citizens from areas of East Jerusalem and evacuating them in favor of settlement expansion.

The head of the commission, Minister Walid Assaf, warned in an interview with Voice of Palestine radio this Sunday morning that controlling large areas of land exceeds tens of the area of ​​the settlements intended to be established under the pretext that they are empty lands, stressing that this scheme suffocates the Palestinian belt surrounding the occupied city and will become Inside the strip, such as the towns of Sawahrah, Al-Eizariya, Abu Dis, Anata, Hazma, and Al-Z’ayyem

Assaf stressed that what is required now is to thwart the project of forced displacement and stabilize the Palestinian citizen in these gatherings, announcing a meeting that will be held this week to discuss mechanisms to support citizens ’steadfastness and support for their survival and to confront the occupation’s plans by stopping any economic or agricultural activity or building buildings.

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