Report: Israel preparing a law prohibiting cooperation with the ICC investigations

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Hebrew Channel 7 reported that “Israel” will prepare a bill prohibiting providing any information or cooperating with the Hague court, and that violating it will be punished with imprisonment for up to 5 years.

The channel stated that the law will also include a ban on handing over Israeli personalities to the court, financing the expenses of legal defense before the International Criminal Court, and imposing penalties against the court and those who work for it.

This step is part of a series of measures taken by Israel against the International Criminal Court, after it announced the opening of an investigation against Israel into war crimes against the Palestinians.

The channel pointed to the bill inspired by the “American Civil Service Protection Act”, which was enacted in the US Congress in 2002 and known as the “Hague Invasion” Act, which gives the US President broad powers to do “anything” to release any American citizen arrested by the Criminal Court. International, including the use of force.

The Israeli “Shurat Haddin” organization reported that the bill aims to create a legal safety net for IDF soldiers and senior state officials who may be tried abroad.

She said that according to the draft law, any Israeli entity, citizen, company, or authority is prohibited from cooperating with the court without special permission, conducting an investigation on Israeli territory, and even providing financial assistance and providing confidential information to the court.

In addition, the Israeli government will act with whatever means at its disposal to release any person detained in connection with the activities of the Hague Tribunal, and will even bear the costs of protecting a citizen, soldier, public servant, or elected official of the court.

Penalties will also be imposed on members of the court, such as a prohibition on possessing property in Israel, bans on entry and residence in Israel, and restrictions on foreign entities assisting the court.

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