IOF destroy Al-Araqib village for the 183th time

PNN/ Negev/

Bulldozers of the Israeli authorities demolished the homes of the people of Al-Araqib village, deprived of recognition and threatened with uprooting and displacement in the Negev, for the 183 time in a row.

Despite the prevailing stormy and rainy weather, the Israeli bulldozers stormed the village of Al-Araqib and displaced its people in the open.

The demolition of Al-Araqib tents came today, after they were demolished the last time, on January 20, 2021.

This is the second time that the tents of the people of Al-Araqib have been demolished from the beginning of this year 2021 until today, while the people re-erect them every time from wood and a nylon cover to protect them from the bitter cold in the rainy weather and despite the Corona pandemic.

The Israeli authorities have continued to demolish Al-Araqib village since 2000, in their repeated attempts to push the villagers to frustration and despair and displace them from their lands.

It is noteworthy that Palestinian towns in the 48 lands witnessed an escalation in the demolition of homes, shops and industrial workshops under the pretext of non-licensing, as happened in Al-Tireh, Lod and Kafr Qasim recently, and Al-Araqib houses that were demolished for the 183 time in a row, and others in the Negev region.

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