Netanyahu Pledges More Settlement Projects Ahead of the Knesset Election


The National Bureau for defending land and resisting settlements (nbprs ) stated in its latest weekly report , that on the eve of the Knesset elections scheduled to take place next month, the Local Planning Committee of the Ma’ale Adumim Settlement Council holds a discussion on the 14th of this month about the ‘E1’ settlement project, east of the occupied Jerusalem. It is clear that the settlement plans in that area includes the construction of 3,401 settlement units on an area of about ​​2,100 dunums, which extends from Jerusalem along 11 kilometers towards the Green Line, which, if implemented, would divide the West Bank into two halves, north and south, and deal a fatal blow to the prospects for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the one hand, and the displacement and expulsion of about 3000 Palestinians living in the Bedouin communities in the area, including Khan al-Ahmar.

At the same time, Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party is ready to support settlement construction in Jerusalem, as he expressed his willingness to push the approval procedures for the new Jewish neighborhood plan at Jerusalem Airport ‘Atarot’ north of the occupied city should the forces of the rightZionist unite and contest the elections jointly. It was said Netanyahu succeeded in doing so as the head of the ‘Religious Zionism’ party, Bezalel Smotretz announced that an agreement had been reached with the head of the fascist ‘Otzma Yehudit Party’, Itamar Ben Gvir to run in the elections with a joint list a day before the closing date for candidacy for the Knesset elections, and his support to join the government coalition that he seeks to form after the elections. Knowing that the new neighborhood was designed to include 9,000 settlement units on the lands of the old Palestinian Jerusalem Airport .

On the other hand, the occupation government continues the crimes of ethnic cleansing and the policy of forcible transfer of the Palestinian population, and in a renewed crime it once again carried out a large-scale demolition operation in Khirbet Humsa al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley, where it confiscated most of the homes and livestock pens in the Homsa gathering. It demolished this gathering in last November. In the past, it dismantled and confiscated 13 residential tents and carried out forced displacement of 11 families from the Al-Awawda and Abu Al-Kabash families in the village of Humsa Al-Fawqa “Al-Buqai`a” in the northern Jordan Valley.

Within the context, the occupation forces began a large-scale military training that lasted for three days in the areas declared by Israel as “firing zones” in the hills south of Hebron, noting that the occupation army had not conducted any military training, but the aim is to expel its residents from their homes and seize their lands. Likewise, settlers from “Telem and Dora” settlers located on the lands of the towns of Idna and Tarqumiya, northwest of Hebron, cultivated lands in the Sha’ab al-Masry and Khallet Amer areas of the lands of the two towns, with the aim of seizing them, as the owners of those lands are prevented from accessing them, and the target area is in thousands of dunams. The occupation seeks to seize it in favor of settlement expansion and linking the settlements in the region to each other.

In the Bethlehem Governorate, settlers erected a caravan on 150 donums of the lands of Battir town, west of Bethlehem, with the aim of seizing it to establish a settlement outpost.

In the Salfeet Governorate, settlers put a mobile caravan in Khallet Hassan, west of the Bedia town, west of Salfeet. It is noted 4000 donums of Khallet Hassan is threatened by confiscation to expand a new settlement and to link five settlements and a number of settlement blocs and outposts between the Salfeet and Qalqilya Governorates.