32 violations against media freedoms over the past month, committed by the Israeli Occupation

Ramallah /PNN/

The total number of violations against media freedoms documented over January of 2021 did not witness any change compared to the previous month. However, almost all of these violations were committed by the Israeli occupation, which is double than those committed over the preceding month.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” has documented in January 2021 a total of 37 violations against media freedoms (the number of violation documented in the preceding month amounted to 35). The Israeli occupation and settlers committed a total of 32 violations, while different Palestinian sides committed only three violations, and the social media companies committed two other violations.

Israeli Violations:

The number of Israeli violations against Palestinian media freedoms doubled during January 2021, as MADA Center documented a total of 32 violations committed by the Israeli occupation and its settlers, noting that the preceding month witnessed 16 Israeli violations.

Over the past month, it was noticed that the scope of violations committed by settlers against Palestinian journalists and media outlets, some of which took place in the presence and even with the involvement of Israeli soldiers. Israeli settlers and soldiers assaulted three press crews of Palestine TV during a live broadcast organized by the TV in several neighborhoods in Hebron, and tried to prevent them from carrying out their work, even though no major events were taking place in the city. In the presence of soldiers, the settlers also assaulted 8 journalists and chased them with dogs while they were covering a peaceful march in Tawameen area in Hebron, which led to the injury of two of them (Hamza Al-Khattab and Mashhour Al-Wahwah) who got wounded and bruised, not to mention preventing them from media coverage.

Among the most notable assaults of the occupation documented over this month are the injury of journalists Mahmoud Shehdah Farash and Abdelhafeeth Al-Hashlamoun, with minor burns due to the sound bombs fired at them by the occupation soldiers while they were interviewing during a peaceful event (planting trees in an area threatened with confiscation in Halhoul), the injury of journalist Fadi Abdelraheem Yaseen by a sound bomb fired directly at his back by one of the occupation soldiers while covering a march against settlement in Kafr Qadoum, even though he was 70 meters away from the soldiers stationed on the roof of a residence, and the injury of Palestine TV cameraman Samer Habash while trying to escape from the soldiers who were targeting journalists with gas bombs while covering a march against settlement in Beit Dajan, and the arrest of the cameraman Mohammad Sharaqa after raiding his house at dawn.

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