The elderly set to receive COVID vaccine following health crews

PNN/ Bethlehem/

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health continued the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus, in a number of governorates of the country, as it started  on Tuesday, at Hugo Chavez Hospital in TurmusAyya town, south of Nablus.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Mai Al-Kailah, from inside the Military Hospital in Nablus, which is designated for treating Covid-19 patients, on Wednesday said that the various treatment centers in many governorates are witnessing a vaccination campaign for the health cadres working in them, starting with the intensive care staff, according to the vaccination protocol prepared by the Ministry of Health.

Al-Kailah said the vaccination protocol requires the vaccination of cadres in terms of priority, according to the degree of contact with patients and the extent of their exposure to infection, starting with the intensive care crews in the Covid-19 treatment centers, up to all the staff working in the various treatment centers.

The minister added that the second category that will receive the vaccine is the elderly people, over the age of 60, and those with chronic illnesses.

The Minister of Health indicated that this campaign will be completed with the Russian Sputnik vaccine, as 5,000 doses will arrive in Palestine within days, in addition to 37,000 doses of the Kovacs initiative launched by the Health Organization and the Global Alliance in order to ensure that the countries of the world benefit from vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as She added that the government has purchased the AstraZeneca vaccines, and they will also arrive in Palestine in the coming period.

Al-Kailah stressed the need for all citizens and health personnel (including those who have taken vaccinations against the Coronavirus) to still adhere to preventive measures, from wearing masks, social disitancing, and sterilizing hands and surfaces.

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