Tayseer Khaled: Israel considers the Security Council just a club for political chatter


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, described the political positions of the member states of the UN Security Council as weakest belief in opposing the settlement policy practiced by the state of Israel in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and its call to Israel to respect Council resolutions, including Resolution 2334 of 2016, which denounces settlement-building and considers it illegal and violation of international law and international legitimacy, undermines the so-called two-state solution and demands that Israel halt it unconditionally
At the same time he considered it insufficient and has no impact on the ground in everything related to Israeli state policy and practices, which used to view the UN Security Council as merely a club for political chatter and irrelevant to its practices and violations of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied by the June 1967 aggression.

He referred to the position made by the acting US envoy to the United Nations, Richard Mills at the Security Council session on the situation in the Middle East, which was held recently, that the United States of America will resume relations with the Palestinian Authority and support the two-state solution according to a mutual agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and rejects One-sided steps ; and continue to promote more normalization agreements between Israel and Arab countries in a way that helps the two-state solution, and affirmed that this position brings us back to the same American policy that sells the Palestinians positions that are essentially rhetorical rewards in the context of a policy based on managing the crisis, while it refuses to exert pressure on Israel to stop its unilateral policies, practices and steps that destroy the chances of a political settlement and the chances of progress towards the so-called two-state solution, and promises it to promote more normalization agreements with Arab countries in a way that helps the two-state solution, according to what the American delegate said.

Tayseer Khaled, in light of what is issued by officials in the new American administration, including what Anthony Blinken announced at the hearing in the US Senate devoted to approving his appointment as Minister of State in the new US administration, called for not raising the ceiling of expectations, but raising the ceiling of demands and rights regarding the relationship with the new American administration and call it to review the crimes committed by Donald Trump administration and to restitute and redress the damage caused to the Palestinians as a result of those crimes and not to bet on a fundamental change in this administration’s policy on solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Khaled stressed that the more important task on the Palestinian agenda is to fortify the Palestinian house to face challenges, raising the ceiling of Palestinian positions and rights , and calling on the international community in general and the European Union countries in particular to leave the policy of double standards and begin a new approach in the dealing with the Israeli occupation by imposing sanctions on this state , pushing it to respect international law and legitimacy decisions , including UN Security Council Resolution 2334, because this country is behaving as a rogue exceptional state, which despises all the time the decisions of the international community and the Security Council or other international institutions and considers them mere words that have no value, as long as it enjoys American care and protection.

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