Lazzarini: UNRWA needs over one billion USD in 2021

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Commissioner of the Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Philip Lazzarini, announced that the agency needs more than one billion dollars during 2021 to manage its regular, emergency and life-saving services in Palestine and Syria.

Lazzarini pointed out that “the agency needs about $ 806 million this year to manage its regular services, in addition to $ 550 million to manage its emergency services in Palestine and Syria.”

He explained that the cash flow of “UNRWA” is still a great concern, noting that the data and estimates currently available indicate that this year will be a critical financial year, especially in light of the continuation of the pandemic and its economic consequences.

The UN official confirmed that there are encouraging signs from a number of donor countries, which have agreed to accelerate the employment of their donations for this year so that the Agency can fulfill our basic services for refugees and pay salaries on time.

He considered that the campaigns to question the agency’s mandate, impartiality, integrity and role in serving refugees target the refugee file as a whole.

He concluded by saying: “We received indications from the new US administration that it viewed positively the resumption of US aid to“ UNRWA ”, which was halted in early 2018 and is welcome, but the agency’s financial crisis is a complex financial crisis and needs more than the return of the American donation.

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