Report: Prisoner Masalmeh may die any moment of cancer

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS) has warned that cancer-stricken prisoner Hussein al-Masalmeh, 37, may die any moment after his health condition has seriously worsened in Soroka Hospital.

According to PCPS, prisoner Masalmeh suffers from leukemia as a result of his exposure to medical neglect for years.

Before he was diagnosed with cancer symptoms, the prisoner had long complained of severe pains in his stomach without allowing him to see a specialist or undergo tests.

Describing Masalmeh’s condition as the most dangerous in Israeli jails, PCPS said that he is lying unconscious with his hands and legs tied to a bed in Soroka Hospital and with a breathing machine connected to his body.

However, the Israeli occupation authority refuses to consider his difficult health condition and release him, especially since he almost completed his 20-year prison term and there are only a few months before his release.

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