Rainwater floods the rooms in Huwara detention center

PNN/ Nablus/

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority reported on Sunday that rainwater leaked and flooded the rooms in which the prisoners are being held in the Hawara detention center, south of Nablus.

The authority said in a statement, that the prison administration has been taking very long in evacuating some rooms, while it transferred the prisoners from them to neighboring rooms, where the detainees’ clothes, blankets and personal belongings were flooded.

The attorney of the authority, who visited a number of prisoners of the detainee yesterday, explained that signs of severe cold appeared on them, as their faces were yellowed, and their bodies trembling, pointing out that the windows were open, and they had only bars and an iron fence, adding that the water drains were damaged, and insects and water leaked from outside.

The Huwara detention center is considered one of the worst centers in terms of treating prisoners, or responding to their minimal basic needs, and the occupation authorities are currently using it as a quarantine center from the Corona virus before transferring them to other prisons.

The authority stated that the prisoners complain about ill-treatment, lack of blankets, poor and lack of food, and their loss of hot fluids, especially in light of the cold weather, the spread of the Corona epidemic, lack of interest in the detainee and their needs, as well as lack of hygiene.

The prisoners of this prison, who currently number 11, demanded that international institutions, led by the International Red Cross, visit them, to uncover the jailer’s crimes against them, and to see the inhuman and tragic reality of their lives. 

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