UNRWA facing financial crisis for next two months

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Media advisor to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Adnan Abu Hasna confirmed that the organization suffers from a cumulative financial crisis as the crisis continues for the months of January and February.

Abu Hasna told “Voice of Palestine” Radio today, Monday, that UNRWA is planning to hold an international conference in April for donor countries, and is currently preparing strategic plans for the conference, where donors will demand financial contracts for the coming years, indicating that 90% of the donations are not solid yet, adding that what they want from fancial pledges is for the budget to become solid.

He explained that the April conference is a turning point for UNRWA, as donor countries will be asked to pay their pledged donations, as a major reform process will be undertaken to make UNRWA more effective.

He stressed that there is a crisis in the number of refugees, as there is an increase in their numbers, and they are the most in the Middle East, and there is no match between the increase and the number of aid.

Abu Hasna said that the expenditures exceeded revenues, and even the regular budget, which amounts to 800 million dollars,

On the demands that the UNRWA budget be from the United Nations to get out of the financial crisis, he said: “The issue was raised three years ago and there were warnings and statements from a number of countries that in the event of obtaining a budget from the United Nations, no donations will be made, stressing that we must strive To increase the budget percentage from the United Nations, increase the diversification of income sources and a lot of efforts to form a safety front.

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