Op. Trump is a populist leader with a fascist ideology

By Tayseer Kahaled/ PLO Executive Committee Member, Member of the DFLP Political Bureau/

Finally, the US Congress met and settled the matter and decided that Joe Biden is the elected president. Before that, the members of the Electoral College met and confirmed Joe Biden president-elect, and announced he won Nov. 3rd, 2020’s contest. Nevertheless, the Trump’s first reaction was to refuse the elections’ result alleging that it was forged and stolen from him, though he fired the secretary of Justice. Moreover, he along with his supporters stated that about 75 million people voted for him, a number that no American president had obtained in any previous presidential elections, trying to gain credibility, grievance and rights that allow him to continue his political battle against his rival Biden. The American Crystal Night backfired negatively on a reckless president who rode a high wave of populism that exceeded the fascism.

Undoubtedly, we are before a fascist phenomenon. The rise of fascists in America, Israel, Europe and Brazil is not an inexplicable matter that came through the ballot box, or it is a satanic action straddled a high wave of demagogy and distortions of consciousness under which nations lose the balance of their societal forces due to crises that affect their lives and standard of living, and push them to find false solutions for their problems.

Back to the period between the 1st and the 2nd world wars, the Nazi party came to power through the ballot box in light of an economic crisis that was sweeping the world in the years of the great recession at the end of the 20s and early 30s of the last century, a crisis in which many peoples lost their social balance, so, the poor, oppressed and marginalized classes and social groups sided with the right party due to the absence of the role of the leftist, democratic and even liberal forces. Thus, the right party won the 1933 elections by 17,277,180 votes out of 39,343,000, and won 288 seats out of 647, which encouraged Adolf Hitler to change the direction, and called for the establishment of a one-party system, in a referendum in which Nazism won 39,655,224 votes in return for less opposition of one-tenth of the electorates i.e. 3,398,249 votes.

Though, Fascism could come through the ballot box, and it can use democracy as a Trojan Horse to reach power, evidences on that are many, not only limited to the Nazi in Germany, Italy or in Spain in the past, but also in the current time as is the case with Trump, Netanyahu and Bolsonaria. Many names can also be added to them, such as, Mary Le Pen in France and Naftali Bennett and Sa’ar in Israel. History, as Karl Marx once said, can repeat itself twice, first in the form of tragedy and then in the form of a farce in which history is likely to repeat itself in a tragic way that reproduces models of governance claim the ability to provide solutions – which are in fact illusory to crises that sometimes plague advanced and backward societies – supported by the masses in the face of recession and weakness of the economy, and in the search for solutions by controlling markets and wealth outside the scope of the national sphere in the case of the colonial or developed countries.

Knowing that the fascism mobilizes its evil energies and tools, including anti-left, labor movement, anti-democracy and even liberal ideas to rise and grow.

So, the fascism doesn’t rise out of nowhere, but it has its incubators in society, politics, economy and culture, and at a turning point, it presents a tyrannous presence for the personality of the leader, who seizes the party and the state, as was the case in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, where the party becomes the party of the president and the state is reduced to ruling and government, and apparatuses revolving in the president’s orbit, including Parliament. In the case of the United States of America, it should be noted that the right-wing conservatives didn’t only vote massively for Trump, but also pushed into the House of Representatives extremist-loyal members to Trump, who in fact are more loyal to him than the Republican Party.

The presidential elections in America, and the campaigns that accompanied as well as the reactions that followed them shed light on the Trump’s fascist ideology, which threatening not only the political life in the United States, but also the entire world as it is one of the largest economic, military and scientific power in the world. Moreover, Trump exceeded his bounds, as his childish actions defied the International Law and International Legitimacy as he generously recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel.

Trump’s fascist tendencies intersected with the fascist-Zionist thought and practice, which reflected in its ugliest forms in the Law of Jewish State, the Cultural Loyalty Law and other laws, as State leaders seek through these laws to deprive local entities and bodies of their rights in order to capture the culture, art, and intellectual and religious affiliation.  Knowing that, the first task of fascist regime is to destroy the pluralism, leftist and democratic culture, as well as the liberalism in general and the culture of other people in particular. Fascists fear the educated because they are the tools that mobilize the people to reject all forms of discrimination, racism and supremacy over other societies.

Should the recent American presidential elections resulted in the winning of Trump, the world would for sure have faced a fascist project that could have left on us its terrifying repercussions for very many years to come. Accordingly, Trump not only intended to implement his fascist ideology in America, but also in Latin America, Europe, and other parts of the world. Fascism has no intercontinental or even single common material interests, it colored like a chameleon. However, Trump’s return to power depends to a large extent on the Joe Biden and his administration’s behave and approach the internal crises left by Trump and his administration, and their respect of the International Law, and International Legitimacy and Justice as well.

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