Groups petition against occupation decision not to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners  

PNN/ Nazareth/

Five human rights organizations submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court today, Sunday, against the decision of the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, not to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners with the Coronavirus vaccine.

The petition was submitted by the organizations: the Association for Civil Rights, Physicians for Human Rights, Adalah, the Center for the Defense of the Individual and Rabbis for Human Rights.

In the petition, the organizations demanded the issuance of a decision requiring the Prisons Authority to vaccinate all prisoners, especially those over the age of 60, and the petition also called for preventing the Prisons Authority from preferring vaccinating prisoners to vaccinating prisoners.

The petition was attached to the medical opinion of the Association of Public Health Physicians of the Israeli Medical Association, which affirmed that “prisoners should be treated as residents of captivity. These residents are at risk in the context of Corona, due to chronic diseases and because they are in overcrowding, which increases the risk of virus spreading and death.

The delay in vaccination so far clearly reflects this, and it should be recalled that bad decisions affecting their health occur daily, and the topic of vaccinations is not at all exceptional.

Immediate action should be taken to transfer responsibility for the health of prisoners to the relevant authorities.

This step comes after Ohana refused, at the end of last week, a request from the attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, regarding vaccinating prisoners with the Corona virus vaccine.

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