Inhumane conditions in Etzion: Prisoners relieve themselves in empty bottles

PNN/ Hebron/

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority said that the prisoners in “Etzion” detention center, south of Bethlehem, are suffering from severe cold, deprived of food, and relieving themselves in empty water containers.

In a statement today, Tuesday, the commission quoted its lawyer, Jacqueline Fararja, who visited the prisoners in “Etzion” yesterday, that the conditions in which the detainees are being held are a disgrace to the concept of humanity, as 22 prisoners suffer from lack of hygiene and freezing cold that eats their bodies, in addition to depriving them of food.

Fararja stated that “hygiene is lacking inside the prison, the smell is very unpleasant, and the number of prisoners is large and in overcrowded rooms. The food is of poor quantity and most of the prisoners complain of hunger, as they suffer from a lack of winter clothes and blankets and from damage to the toilets, which forces prisoners to relieve themselves in Empty plastic containers such as water cans”.

She added that “the situation cannot be described in words, and that the detention conditions in Etzion bare dangerous and weeping. The institutions of the international community must act immediately to stop their suffering.”

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