IOF storm Palestinian hospital, fire stun-grenades inside it: Jenin

PNN/ Jenin/
The Israeli occupation forces stormed the Thabet Thabet Hospital in Tulkarm, and threw stun grenades inside it, which terrorized patients inside the hospital and confused work in all departments.
The Minister of Health Dr. Mai Al-Kaila, said that the occupation soldiers stormed the hospital at dawn today, and fired 4 stun grenades inside the hospital, one of them in the reception hall, and 3 bombs in the emergency yard.
The Minister denounced this new Israeli crime that violates all international conventions and norms and the Geneva Conventions, calling on the international community to intervene to protect our people and put an end to the repeated Israeli attacks. Damaged by the bombing, the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, and Thabet Thabet Hospital in Tulkarm.
The Minister of Health saluted the medical and health staff working in all hospitals, who are facing two fierce enemies simultaneously: Corona virus and the Israeli occupation, while she was reassured through the hospital director, Dr. Haytham Shedid on sick citizens inside the hospital, confirming that many patients, especially children and the elderly, suffer panic and tension as a result of the storming.

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