Health warns of the dangers Coronavirus outbreak among the prisoners

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kailah, warned of the danger of the Coronavirus among among the prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, especially in light of the overcrowding in the prisons, and the presence of hundreds of sick and elderly prisoners.

Al-Kaila explained in a press release today, Sunday, that all the prisons of the occupation are subjected to be hot-spots of the epidemic, which means that all prisoners are highly vulnerable to infection with the virus, which puts their lives in danger, especially those who are sick.

The Minister of Health held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the fate and lives of the prisoners in the “Negev” prison, especially as it contains more than 1,200 prisoners, including elderly and sick people.

She renewed calls on the international community for the necessity of pressuring the occupation to immediately and urgently release the sick and elderly prisoners, and the necessity for a neutral medical committee to oversee the results of the prisoners ’samples and their health conditions.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, it has been announced that about (140) prisoners have been infected with the Coronavirus.

The number of sick prisoners has reached nearly (700), including nearly (300) chronic and serious illness in need of adequate treatment and continuous care.

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