The rubber coated metal bullets that were fired in the hospital compound (L) and the ambulance vehicle that was damaged (R). Credits: مجمع فلسطين الطبي- رام الله (Palestine Medical Complex)- Facebook.

IOF raid Ramallah hospital, injure pregnant lady and paramedic 

PNN/ Ramallah/

A pregnant woman and a paramedic were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets, as the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Palestine Medical Complex governmental hospital in Ramallah city.

The Ministry of Health stated in a press release today, Sunday, that the occupation forces stormed the vicinity of the Palestine Medical Complex at dawn, and began firing bullets and tear gas canisters at the compound, which led to the injury of a pregnant woman with a rubber bullet in her shoulder, and a paramedic with a rubber bullet in his hand inside the compound, in addition to Cases of suffocation and panic among the patients, especially children. As for property, the glass of an ambulance vehicle belonging to the compound was damaged.

The Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kaila, condemned the Israeli occupation army’s assault on the Palestine Medical Complex, saying that the IOF put the lives of patients in the Covid-19 section in imminent danger as a result of the tear gas canisters fired inside the compound.

She added that sick children and women in the maternity wards lived a terrifying night in every sense of the word because of the sounds of bullets, stun grenades and tear gas fired towards the medical complex.

Al-Kaila emphasized that this serious attack on the sanctity of the hospital and inflicting injuries on the ranks of the patients requires urgent international intervention to protect our people and hold the occupying power accountable for its crime, and its violation of international law and international humanitarian law, which provides for the protection of patients and medical staff, health centers and hospitals.

She indicated that this attack is the second carried out by the Israeli occupation forces on hospitals within two days, as Al-Durrah Hospital in the Gaza Strip was damaged by the Israeli bombing, which led to the injury of dozens of sick children and their companions, in addition to damage to the contents of the hospital.

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