ARIJ: Israeli plan to establish 70 outposts aims to link the settlements together

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Suhail Khaliliya, director of the settlement monitoring unit at the ARIJ Institute, said that the occupation’s plans to legalize 70 settlement outposts in the West Bank are located in strategic areas, aiming to link settlements and create geographical barriers between the Palestinian territories.

Khaliliya emphasized that the occupation aims to link the settlements from “Ariel” settlement established on citizens ’lands in Salfit Governorate to the Jordan Valley, in addition to linking outposts located in the areas between the annexation wall and the racial expansion and the 1948 lands.

He added that these areas of land on which the outposts are located amount to tens of thousands of dunams, considering that an additional geographical area is controlled to connect the settlements to each other, which will make geographical areas of the lands as islands separated from each other.

He explained that the occupation begins with the construction of bypass roads between the settlements and the expansion of industrial zones to implement settlement projects and plans and provide infrastructure and living conditions for tens of thousands of settlers in them.

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