34 violations against media freedoms in Palestine during past month: Report

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The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms has monitored a total of 34 violations against media freedoms in Palestine in November, with a slight decrease in the total number of violations compared to October, during which 38 violations were documented.

The Israeli Occupation committed the vast majority of the total violations during the past month, 22 violations out of a total of 34 violations, while various Palestinian authorities committed 5 violations, and Facebook Company committed 7 violations, represented by blocking and closing the accounts of journalists and media sites.

Israeli Violations: 

The Israeli assaults and violations against Palestinian journalists and media freedoms have slightly decreased in November, during which a total of 22 violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces and authorities were documented compared to 31 violations documented during October.

With regard to the nature of committed violations in the past month, they do not differ in type and comprehensiveness from those committed and documented in the preceding month. In other words, these violations include arrest, assault, storming, summoning, and closure of institutions. The most notable and prominent of these violations is the assault of settlers and occupation soldiers against 13 Palestinian journalists, preventing them from coverage and suppressing them in a peaceful march in Salfeet. This is in addition to closing Palestine TV Office in Jerusalem, once again, and arresting the journalist Bushra Al-Taweel for the second time this year. In addition to other direct assaults against journalists such as the injury of journalists Hazem Bader and Ameer Shaheen by gas bombs.


Nature of Violation

Name of Journalist/Institution


Summoning and questioning

Journalist Christine Rinawi/Palestine TV


Injury by a gas bomb

Journalist Hazem Bader

Journalist Ameer Shaheen


Injuries by stones

Journalist Hisham Abu Shaqra

Journalist Hazem Imad Nasser

Journalist Jaaf Ishtayya


Storming a house

Journalist Raed Abu Rmailah



Journalist Bushra Al-Taweel


Closure of media agency

Closing Palestine TV Office in Jerusalem again


Prevention from coverage

Journalist Tarek Yousef

Photojournalist Alaa’ Badarnah

Journalist Khaled Saleh Mahmoud Budair

Photojournalist Raneen Sawafta

Photojournalist Issam Al-Rimawi

Photojournalist Nidal Shafeeq Ishtayya

Cameraman Majdi Mohammad Ishtayya

Journalist Mohammad Turabi

Photojournalist Nasser Sulaiman Ishtayya

Journalist Mohammad Abdelqader Hassan Ishtayya

Palestinian Violations: 

MADA Center has documented a slight increase in the number of Palestinian violations against journalists and media freedoms in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It documented a total of 5 violations committed by different Palestinian authorities during November, compared to two violations documented during October. The Palestinian violations were divided into 3 violations that took place in Gaza Strip and two violations in the West Bank. The majority of Palestinian violations committed against journalists were mostly summons and investigations.


Nature of Violation

Name of Journalist/Institution


Summoning and questioning

Journalist Mohammad Mona (two violations

Journalist Yousef Fares

Journalist Mohammad Al-Khaldi


Deleting materials

Journalist Aseel Sulaiman

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