Al Khan Al Ahmar is facing demolition

Jerusalem /PNN/

During these challenging times, things look even grimmer for Palestine. Israel’s far-right government and settler leadership have been working restlessly and relentlessly on their colonial project, at the expense of Palestinians.

Tenders have been published for E-1, Givat Hamatos and Atarot housing units; there was a demolition of the entire village of Khirbet Hamsa in the Jordan Valley on US election day, leaving 73 Palestinians homeless; a court has ordered the eviction of 400 Palestinians from an entire neighbourhood in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah; 26 Palestinian families (800 people) in Silwan’s Batan al Hawa are newly threatened with eviction. These are only some recent developments intended to spell the end of the two state solution and a contiguous, viable Palestine. As Israel continues to ignore international law, its impunity appears to be as unchallenged as ever.

This week, the Israeli High Court heard a petition filed by far-right NGO Regavim, calling for immediate demolition of Al Khan al Ahmar village and its iconic “car tyres” school. The court ruled to give the State a four-month period of delay for the demolition, but since it did not issue an injunction against the demolition orders, the bulldozers may move in at any moment.

Due to this emergency, international support has been requested by the Bedouin; their lawyer, Adv. Tawfiq Jabareen, called for the international community to work to save the village and the two state solution. Jahalin Solidarity has been working on the issue widely, including with its network of powerholders and lobbyists in various capitals.

What can you do? A lot. Firstly, please sign our online petition, at So far 24,200 activists have joined Jahalin Solidarity in calling on the ICC judges (who still haven’t ruled on jurisdiction, so the petition is still active) to uphold Palestinian rights and prevent the war crime of forcible displacement of Al Khan al Ahmar and other communities in Area C.

Secondly, our ability to be effective and report to you – and to diplomats, journalists and activists – as things take place – depends on your support. Any donation will directly affect our effectiveness, so if you want to help, click here to donate at our 501(3)(c) fiscal sponsors, A J Muste Memorial Institute in New York. Or go to our website, where the DONATE button will link to that same page. Or contact us directly. Thank you!

Please speak with your representatives – MPs, members of Congress, MEPs or other parliamentarians – and ask them what they can do to prevent the two state solution from being deliberately buried, while Israel morphs into full-scale apartheid, defying accountability, international law and the human rights of Palestinians. Or indeed, whether they will still stand up for Al Khan al Ahmar as in 2018, when international pressure was so effective at holding Israeli forcible displacement at bay.

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