Alarming numbers: 9 deaths and 815 Corona cases in Gaza

PNN/ Gaza/

Today, Tuesday, 1/12/2020, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip recorded an increase in the number of deaths from the Coronavirus, reaching 9 deaths, and (815) new infections were recorded and (132) severe cases.

A total of 2,062 new  cases in the West Bank and Gaza were recorded during the past 24 hours, hitting  a new record in Palestine.

According to the sources, it is the first time that 9 deaths have been recorded in the Gaza Strip, as it is estimated that injuries may increase.

The summary of the daily report on Coronavirus in the Gaza Strip stated that the Ministry of Health had conducted 2,573 laboratory tests during the past 24 hours.

(815) new cases of Coronavirus were recorded, 405 new cases recovered from Corona virus patients, and 9 deaths due to infection with Coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths to 111 deaths.

A cumulative total of the injured reached 21,461, while the total active cases reached 9627, and the total of those recovered was 11,732 cases.

The total number of cases requiring medical care in the hospital reached 325, and the total of severe and critical cases was 132.

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