Maher Al-Akhras free after 103 days of strike

PNN/ Nablus/

The Israeli occupation authorities on Thursday morning released prisoner Maher Al-Akhras at the Jabara crossing near Tulkarm after his legendary hunger strike, where he was taken to Al-Najah National University Hospital in Nablus, northern West Bank.

The liberated prisoner, Maher Al-Akhras, affirmed that his insistence on continuing his hunger strike against administrative detention, which lasted for 103 days, was a message to the world about the injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people.

Al-Akhras  told Palestine Today radio: “Praise be to God that I am now between my family and my people in Nablus, and that, God willing, we will get rid of the occupation with the mighty wills of our people, and live from victory to victory until we reach a greater victory and liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.”

He also sent a message of thanks to all the people who showed solidarity with him, saying: “The Palestinian people from north to south; I have seen from you what I did not see and did not expect, and God willing, victory is near.”

The liberated prisoner, 49, started his hunger strike on the 27th of July 2020, suspended it on 6 Nov 2020, after an agreement to release him on November 26, and not renew his administrative detention order, provided that he spends the remaining period until his release by receiving treatment in the hospital.

He was later transferred to administrative detention for a period of four months, during which time the occupation courts refused to release him despite what he received He suffered from a critical health condition, as well as despite all the calls made by international and human rights institutions for his immediate release and a halt to the policy of administrative detention.

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