Jerusalem: Israeli court approves expulsion of dozens of families from their homes 


Last Monday, the Jerusalem District Court rejected the appeal of Palestinian families living in a building in the Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan in occupied Jerusalem and decided to expel their 87 people, including children, since 1963, within two weeks, and this is the third decision issued by The Israeli courts in this regard are in favor of settler associations that seek to Judaize the Old City and its surroundings in Jerusalem.

This appeal came in response to lawsuits filed by settlers, in which they demanded the evacuation of the building in Batn al-Hawa and the expulsion of its Palestinian residents, claiming that the place was Jewish ownership before the Nakba in the year 1948.

Today, Thursday, the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz stated that some of the Palestinian families who live in the building in Batn al-Hawa owned real estate before 1948, but the occupation state confiscated them under the “Absentee Property Law”, claiming that their owners had not been in Israel in 1948. And they are prevented from recovering their property.

The refusal of the Jerusalem District Court, with a panel of three judges, Rafael Yaqoubi, Moshe Bar-Am and Hanna Lumpf, has meant the expulsion of residents of the building housing 30 Palestinian families and 12 children under the age of 18. In another case, the settlers demanded that the Dweik family pay 600,000 shekels.

The settlement “Ateret Cohanim” claims that the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood was established in an area called “The Yemeni Village,” which was a place where Jews lived until 1938, when the British Mandate vacated them.

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