Poll: 81% of Palestinians do not trust Israel’s commitment to agreements

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The latest poll on the Palestinian public opinion prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali revealed that

59% oppose the return of the relations with Israel, (38%) agree to it.
55% oppose the resumption of the security coordination with Israel, (40%) agree to it.
52% oppose the resumption of the peace negotiations with Israel, (43%) agree to it.

The latest poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali and conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) during the period 19-22 November 2020 covered a random sample of (516) Palestinian respondents representing the various demographic specimens of Palestinians (18 years and above) living in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. It revealed that the Palestinians are almost split between agreeing to and opposing the return of the relations with Israel and the resumption of the security coordination with it, albeit the opposition scale outweighs a little.

This poll, Dr. Kukali said, focuses mainly on the decision of the Palestinian Authority to resume the relations with Israel that are terminated since 5/9/2020 in response to the intention of the Israeli government to annex about 30% of the area of the West Bank with full support of the US administration under President Donald Trump.

Dr. Kukali further noted that the motivation to take this courageous step by the Palestinian Authority was a letter from the Israeli government addressed to the PA confirming its willingness to abide by all the agreements signed with the PA.

He also added added that the majority of the Palestinian people, in this poll, expressed however their mistrust of Israel’s intentions, as its actions on the ground speak another language. Nevertheless, the Palestinian people are still hopeful that they will have one day their own independent and sovereign State of Palestine with East Jerusalem it’s capital.

The details of the key results of this poll are as follows:

Trusting Israel

Responding to the question: “What is the extent of your trust to Israel’s commitments and its

obligations to the agreements previously signed with the Palestinian Authority?” (71%) said “I’m not so sure”, (10%) said “I’m not sure at all”, (9%) “somewhat sure”, (6%) “quite sure” and (4%) said “I don’t know”.

Return of the relations with Israel

With regard to the question: “Do you agree to the return of the relations with Israel to their former status as they have been before 5/19/2020, or not?” (59%) said “I oppose”, (38%) “agree”, and (3%) said “I don’t know”.

Reasons of agreeing to the return of the relations with Israel

In respect of the question: “What are the reasons that let you agree to the return of the relations with Israel?”, (5.6%) said “crisis of the salary payment of employees”, (4.4%) said “security stability and calm”, (26.9%) said “improvement of the economic situation”, (9.4%) “peace and stability”, (16.9%) “permits and work in Israel”, (2.5%) “the clearance funds”, (3.8%) “permits to the hospitals and admission of patients for treatment”, (3.8%) “facilitation of livelihood”,

(8.8%) said “lifting the siege from Gaza and opening the border-crossings”, (6.9%) “due to the life connected with Israel”, (7.5%) “for serving the citizens” and (3.5%) “no reason”.

Security coordination with Israel

(55%) of the Palestinians oppose the resumption of the security coordination with Israel, whilst (40%) agree to it, and (5%) declined to respond.

Resumption of the peace negotiations

(52%) of the Palestinian public oppose the resumption of the peace negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel at present, whilst (43%) of them agree to it and (5%) declined to respond.

The economic situation

(61%) of the Palestinian public assessed their economic situation at present as “bad”, (32%) as “fair” (middle) and only (7%) as “good”.

Survey overview

Dr. Nabil Kukali, said that the data for this survey has been collected by using CATI, an effective method for data collection in quantitative researches conducted by phone. By this method, questions are addressed to respondents from a previously designed questionnaire. The survey sample is randomly taken in accordance with a long experienced methodology applied by PCPO covering (516) respondents, (311) are from the West Bank and (205) from Gaza Strip.

Dr. Kukali has further indicated that the margin of error was (±4.38%) at a significance level of (95.0%). The sample allotment with respect to the residential areas was as follows: (60.3%) in the West Bank, incl. Eastern Jerusalem and (39.7%) in Gaza Strip. The average age of the respondents was (32.4) years.

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