Due to Corona: Prime Minister announces total closure during weekends

PNN/ Ramallah/

Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh announced the closure of all life facilities from Friday morning until Sunday morning in all governorates for two weeks, with the exception of bakeries and pharmacies.

He also announced a daily closure that starts from seven in the evening until six in the morning, and for a period of two weeks in all governorates to control the altitude of Coronavirus cases.

Shtayyeh said that the clearance funds should not be deficient and not subject to political blackmail, and that recovering them from the occupation will help Palestinians overcome the difficult financial situation imposed by the occupation, the consequences of the Corona pandemic, and a sharp drop in international aid.

Shtayyeh added, at the beginning of the government’s 84th session, that the rights of employees are a priority for the government, and that they will pay all the arrears “in one go as soon as we receive our full money from the Israeli side, and if we do not receive all of them, we will spend what we receive.”

He added: “We will receive part of the money at the end of this week, and we will pay the salaries as a priority, then the health sector benefits from private and private hospitals, suppliers of medicines and medical equipment, then help the poor and the unemployed, then contractors and small suppliers, and bids to supply and equip the security services and pay government loans from banks.”

He continued: The crisis that we have suffered has reflected on employees and security services, retirees and tens of thousands of aid and social aid recipients, private sector companies and more, stressing that Palestinians have proven once again that they are able to drop plots to dilute the national cause.

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