Palestinian workers attacked, injured by Israeli soldiers near the wall

PNN/ Jenin/

A number of Palestinian workers suffered from inhaling toxic teargas, after they were attacked by the Israeli occupation forces near Rummana, near the Apartheid Wall in Jenin.

Local sources reported that the soldiers, backed by a helicopter, fired tear gas canisters towards Palestinian workers heading back to their work inside the occupied territories in 1948.

The sources pointed out that a number of workers were suffocated, while the occupation forces were still intensifying their military presence in the area.

The sources pointed out that the occupation forces continued, for the second day in a row, to close openings on the separation wall, and pursue workers, which caused the return of thousands of them, and their inability to reach their work areas.

In recent days, the occupation army had warned the Palestinians to approach the openings of the apartheid wall and enter the occupied territories.

A spokesman for the occupation army, Avichai Adrai, said that this week, a plan will be launched to close the wall openings, deploy reinforcements from the occupation army and prevent citizens from entering the 48 lands, arresting them and imposing fines on them.

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