IOF threaten the people of Tuqu’ with collective punishment

By Najib Farraj- PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli Occupation army this morning distributed threatening leaflets targeting the people of Tuqu ‘, east of Bethlehem, during a massive incursion into the town, at dawn today, from several entrances, and distributed leaflets after storming many homes, and hung them up on walls and entrances of homes and facilities.

The leaflets, written in Arabic, said “The Israeli security services will continue to take the necessary measures and arrest those involved in the riots on the bypass streets, and the security ban will not be lifted as it is in other areas.”

The leaflets also read “We count the heads of the village responsible for the things that are happening, and we hope they will work to stop the acts of terrorism.

They used warning language against both parents and sons, saying “Parents, protect your children. Children, do not cause harm to your guardians.”

Activists from the town described that the occupation forces distributed these leaflets as part of a psychological war waged by the various occupation agencies against the Palestinian people using all methods, including distributing leaflets, and it is a policy close to the occupation practices that storm the towns and create intimidation and confusion among the citizens to distribute such leaflets to threaten the citizens and impose They have collective punishments against all citizens and contradict with humanitarian law, so that these forces continue to practice racist and inhumane practices against our people.

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