Mayor of Bethlehem: 2020 Christmas slogan will be “Hope and Light”

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The mayor of Bethlehem, Attorney Anton Salman, revealed that the slogan and message of the glorious Christmas holidays for this year is that Christmas is a message of hope and light for humanity and renewal of life in order to overcome the consequences of the Corona virus on Bethlehem and the world.

In an exclusive interview with PNN on it’s morning show, Salman said that Christmas represented a message of hope, life, peace and justice, and today in light of the world’s suffering due to the spread of Corona virus, it will be a message of hope and light, and that humanity is able to overcome the ordeal and that its continuation means calamity for Palestine and the world, he also stressed that the risks are high due to the virus, and that the capabilities at the Palestinian and global level have not reached the status of getting rid of this pandemic, but the slogan remains the carrying of hope and life to return to normal life.

“We are going through a difficult health crisis,” Salman said, “especially as Bethlehem recorded 99 cases yesterday, Monday. This forces us to take the utmost levels of safety and prevention during the next Christmas period, and during the past years the celebrations continued over 50 to 60 days, but in The current stage will be the basic activities such as lighting the tree, the Christmas market, and the protocol for the Patriarchs to enter Bethlehem as usual, but participation will be limited.”

Salman pointed out that the municipality seeks to educate the citizens through the work of teams in partnership with the Ministry of Health, to follow safety and prevention measures and to prevent crowdedness, especially since the municipality will try not to impose restrictions on movement during the holiday period.

Meanwhile, he appealed to the Palestinian people to be on a level of awareness and responsibility and to take self-initiative in protecting themselves, their families and their surroundings, in the hope that we get rid of the virus quickly and safely.

Salman explained that the municipality is about to start a media campaign in conjunction with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, aiming to educate the citizen and draw his attention to the fact that he can follow the celebrations through the media and social networking sites with high quality.

Salman denied the rumors that were circulating on social media during the recent period about imposing a comprehensive closure during the holidays, and indicated that the municipality will work to sterilize continuously and try to reduce the numbers and reduce the risks of infection transmission.

On the other hand, the mayor said that decorating the streets this year will be decordated, but in a limited way, explaining that the decorations will be placed in the traditional entrance of the Patriarchs and the religious protocols, specifically in “Manger Street.”

Salman indicated that the municipality will ask to limit the number of foreigners who enter Bethlehem during the holidays, but will not prevent them completely.

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